In the name of of Allah the Merciful

An introduction to Dar Al-Minhaj for Publishing and Distribution

With the grace of God and his aid, Dar Al-Minhaj for Publishing and Distribution was established in Jeddah in the year (1415 AH) corresponding to (1995 AD), with previous experience of its founder in the field of publishing from the year (1405 AH) corresponding to (1985 AD).

Dar Al-Minhaj is a purposeful publishing center that relies on the middle path, away from the demagoguery of intellectual spasms.

The house has embraced the Qur’anic method, which directs its followers in goodness to supplication for the forefathers, and fills the breasts with the reverence of the people of fear who transmitted to us the law of God, the pure source, just as it renounces every presumptuous one who insults the honorable Companions or the eminent imams; Because it is necessary to venerate that ideal generation, whose blood and body parts were raised by the banner of religion, and who sacrificed for the sake of truth with every precious and precious thing. Just as it is obligatory to honor the imams of Islam who were firmly rooted in knowledge and guided to the truth, and enlightened by the landmarks of religion.

– The house publishes everything that is linked to the legislative sources in a complete tracing of the approach of the ancestors, and in order to achieve this ideal approach.. the house of the curriculum is characterized by the following characteristics:

– Removing the treasures of heritage clearing the stigma of distortion and correctness, taking advantage of modern technologies and advanced devices in the world of printing; To mix ancient thought with modern art.

The publishing areas of the house are limited to the legal heritage service department and the related branches of all purposeful literature and sound culture, and it affects the printing of what is published for the first time.

– The House not only took off the coat of its time to chase after the old, but also interacted with the secretions of contemporary civilization, as it adopts the publication of every research that deals with contemporary issues if it is in accordance with the legal traditions and the method of divine moderation; In order to publish everything that nourishes the Islamic community with pure thought, away from the confusing winged subtraction, which lacks legal religiosity, and smells of anomalies.

– The house, by the grace of God Almighty, seeks to follow often the author’s manuscripts completely until it finds the correct principles that the scholars are assured of, and whose narration is correct from its author, then after this difficult stage the second stage comes the stage of investigation and documentation. The guilt is discharged by transferring it.


The house does not intend by explaining this fact to be arrogant or arrogant towards its peers from other houses, rather it is to speak of the blessings of God Almighty, to the extent that it has produced important Islamic references; It is – by the grace and assistance of God Almighty – which produced for the first time the book “Nahayat al-Muttalib” by Imam al-Haramayn in (21) volumes, and “Al-Bayan” by Imam al-Omrani in (14) volumes, and “The Waking Star” by Imam al-Damiri in (10) volumes, and “Reviving the Sciences of Religion” by Imam Al-Ghazali in (10) volumes, and “Majma’ Al-Ahbab” by Imam Al-Wasiti in (3) volumes, and many other things.

God grants success

and wrote it

Muhammad Ghassan  Aqoul Al-Husseini

Supervisor of research and publication work

Dar Al-Minhaj Center for Studies and Scientific Investigation